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Feel overwhelmed by the complexity of SEO? 


At Creative SEO Coach, we understand that diving into the world of SEO can be daunting, especially when juggling other aspects of your business. 

7-day Showit SEO Intensive


A one-off, done for you SEO service made for small businesses to overhaul your website's SEO. No lock in contracts or on-going fee's. This service was designed to get results as quickly as possible for fast tracked SEO Success. So you can focus on what you do best – running your business.

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The 7-day Intensive SEO service was made for people who:

Want leads to find their business without running ads

need SEO help but don't want expensive on-going monthly SEO 

can Never find the time to do marketing for their  business.

Meet your SEO Coach

Hi there! I'm the creator of the 7-Day Intensive SEO Service, a program I started because I saw a real need. Many small businesses were struggling to get the SEO help they needed without breaking the bank on expensive monthly services. I wanted to change that. My goal was simple: to make SEO accessible, affordable, and effective for small business owners.

Take a look at the amazing results above and see the difference a week can make. I'm here to help your business shine, one SEO step at a time.

About Caitlin


"I can’t recommend Caitlin enough"

She truly wants to see you succeed when it comes to all things SEO and growing your business. She took the time to fix all of my broken links, and optimize my website. My website was honestly a mess on the backend. I’ve been flying the plane while building it at the same time during my growth phase the past couple of years. Caitlin then came in to clean up the backend of my website, going above and beyond to improve my speed loading time, providing extremely valuable strategies on how to grow my visibility and reach with my podcast and blog. Don’t hesitate to work with Caitlin. It was so worth the investment.

Michelle Saya , Business Astrologer

How to book

Step 1

Begin Your SEO Journey

Hit the book now button below and you will fill out some information on your business. If you would like to discuss the service, book a free 20 minute strategy call. 

Step 2

Set a start date

We have a look at your website and get back to you asap with start date and payment links. 

Step 3

We get to work

We start with a kick-off call to go over the strategy I've put together. Then over the next 7 days, we're deep-diving into your Showit website.

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Everything you get in the 7-day SEO INTENSIVE

Done for you SEO Service

🧠 Start with Strategy 

We will kick-off with research and put together a SEO Strategy on how to best your competitors in the search results. 

🔮 Keyword RESEARCH

We perform an in-depth analysis of your SEO competitors and conduct thorough keyword research, culminating in a strategic keyword map for your main webpages to ensure you outperform your rivals in search rankings.

⭐️ 2x One-On-one Coaching Sessions

One-on-one call to teach you SEO basics, your SEO strategy and the work we will completing on your website during the 7-business days.  Plus another session at the end of our session, we will review the work completed throughout the week, provide guidance on maintaining your website's optimization, and offer instructions on how to continue enhancing your website's performance.

🏠 Home page Optimization

We transform your homepage into a powerhouse of attraction and efficiency. By refining the design and sharpening the copy, we ensure it’s not just visually appealing but also optimized for search engines.

🎨  write SEO Titles and meta Descriptions

Craft SEO-friendly titles and meta descriptions for 10 web pages, designed to catch the eye of search engines and potential visitors alike.

🚀 Blog Post Boost

Either write a new or optimize an existing blog post, designed to draw more traffic.

🔍 Tech Trouble Tracker

We'll unearth any hidden technical gremlins that could be dragging your SEO down.

🍲Blog content Ideas ($99 VALUE)

We will provide a list of blog ideas based on the keyword research.

🖊  Schema Mark-up

We implement this lesser-known SEO secret weapon, schema markup.  By adding this structured data to your website, we give you a competitive edge.

💡 Backlink Brainstorms ($70 value)

We'll cook up a list of creative ideas for getting your name out there and earning more backlinks.

⏱️ Website Speed Sprint

We'll optimize your website speed to ensure a smooth, swift experience for your visitors.

📝  DIY SEO Steps  ($200 VALUE)

We'll hand you the reins with a step-by-step guide to maintaining your website's SEO sparkle.

🔗 Tag your content correctly

Fine-tune and allocate text tags accurately across up to 5 web pages for SEO enhancement.

💻  Google Tag Manager 

We'll install Google Tag Manager into your account to easily add Facebook and Tiktok pixels so you can run ads.

🤖 Best CHatGPT prompts for SEO (Value $67)

Get our list of the best ChatGPT prompts for SEO.

🦸‍♀️ post Month check-in

We'll check-in with a month after your service and see how your optimization has been going and offer any advice to help boost your website further. 

PLus these Bonuses

📸  Image Optimization

Image Optimization of website images including resizing, re-naming, and alt text.

🔑 Keyword Implementation

Optimize top web pages with the strategic integration of chosen keywords, enriching each page's content for better search visibility.

🧪  Analytics set up

We'll set up Google Analytics and Google Search Console, if needed and analyze if data is available. 

If you have a blog then this course this for you. This course is packed full of tips and formulas to improve your blogging and get your content ranking. 


Our focus turns to the homepage, enhancing it beyond just SEO and user experience to ensure optimal site foundations.

Day 3: Homepage Optimization

We tackle anything that's slowing down your website, including image optimization and text tag adjustments.

Day 2: Speed Optimization

We start with a kick-off call and confirm your SEO strategy. Plus ensure all analytics tools are properly set up for accurate tracking.

Day 1: Kick-off

Before the SEO Intensive Begins:
We dive deep into understanding your business, analyze your competitors, and conduct thorough keyword research to create a bespoke SEO strategy for your business. 

7-day Intensive TIMELINE

We conclude with an end-of-session presentation and meeting to review achievements, discuss the impact, and plan next steps.

Day 7: Wrap-Up

Implementation of Schema Markup and thorough testing to enhance search visibility.

Day 6: Technical SEO

5 pages receive a keyword optimization overhaul, aligning content closely with your SEO strategy.

Day 5: Page Optimization

We craft compelling meta descriptions and optimize existing blog posts for better engagement and visibility.

Day 4: Content Enhancement


This service is for you if 

You're right for the SEO Intensive if...

Seeking SEO Expertise: You need SEO help but prefer not to handle it yourself – that's where we come in.

Ready to Invest in Growth: You're prepared to make an investment to grow your business and turn your success into reality.

Seeking Clarity and Confidence: You want your website to reflect clarity and inspire confidence, both in you and your potential clients.

This service is nOT for you if...

SEO Isn't a Priority: If SEO isn't part of your current marketing strategy, this service may not align with your immediate needs.

Need a Complete Web Design: Need a full website overhaul? Check out our web design services, as this SEO service focuses more on optimization than design.

Prefer DIY SEO: Want to learn and implement SEO by yourself? Our SEO courses are designed for hands-on learners like you, providing the knowledge and tools you need to take charge of your SEO.

'I’m blown away with my experience with Caitlin and Creative SEO Coach. '

The 7-day SEO Intensive service was exactly what I needed. Caitlin has an incredibly impressive knowledge of SEO and I learned soooo much along the way. She takes the reins in the backend of your site, talks you through everything in a friendly and understandable way, and spreads her wealth of knowledge throughout. I was impressed in her well-rounded approach, looking at not just my keywords and website structure, but at Google My Business, backlinks, and finding niches to rank for. I felt like I was in such good hands through the whole experience. A fantastic investment that I'm so glad I made. I will be recommending her to my web design clients as well!

Sara Bowers, branding & web designer


Let's get your SEO Strategy sorted so you can start ranking on page one. 

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Price in USD. Payment plans available. 

We guarantee Success

We're so confident in our 7-day SEO Intensive Service that we offer a straightforward promise: See real results or get your money back. We stand by our commitment to boost your website's performance quickly and effectively. Trust us to deliver, or we'll refund your investment – it's that simple.

Forget the hassle of navigating SEO alone 


Utilize this done for you SEO service and receive one-on-one support tailored for you, helping your website succeed while you focus on your business growth.

Get your hands on our exclusive, easy-to-follow 

Showit seo Checklist


Q: What exactly is included in the Showit SEO Intensive?

A: Our comprehensive package includes keyword research, on-page optimization, content creation, technical SEO, and more. We cover all aspects of SEO to maximize your website's performance. Every website needs something different to another. We test and optimize to improve your website.

Q: Can I really expect to see results from just 7 days work?

A: Yes! That's why we added our guarantee because the work that complete within the 7-day gets results. Our approach is to tackle several critical aspects efficiently. During this focused session, we address numerous issues that lay a strong foundation for your website's future growth. You'll see tangible improvements and be well-positioned for continued SEO success.

Q: How does the Showit SEO Intensive differ from regular SEO services?

Our Showit SEO Intensive is uniquely tailored for Showit website users, focusing on the specific needs and opportunities of this platform. Unlike regular SEO services, which may apply a broader approach, our intensive zeroes in on Showit's unique features and capabilities. We combine our deep understanding of Showit with our SEO expertise to implement strategies that are specifically effective for Showit sites. This means more personalized attention to your website's design elements, user experience, and technical aspects, all aligned with best SEO practices to maximize your site's performance and visibility.

Q: Do you implement the SEO, or do I do that?

For our 7-day Intensive, think of it as your SEO pit crew: we roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty with done for you SEO.

Some SEO stuff can be tricky, and that's why we don't just tell you what to do and leave you to it. We actively implement essential SEO enhancements directly on your Showit site. But remember SEO isn't a one-and-done deal. Our work gives your website a strong start, and we'll also show you how to keep making it better by yourself.

Ready to Elevate Your Website's SEO Game? 

Transform your website today and watch your business grow!

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