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I'm Caitlin Christensen, the founder of Creative SEO Coach, with over 8 years of experience in SEO and digital marketing. I specialise in SEO for Showit websites offering SEO Services and courses. 

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Complete Breakdown of the Done for You SEO: 7-Day Intensive Service


By Caitlin Christensen

Caitlin Christensen owner of Creative seo Coach sitting on chair laughing.

Hi there! I’m Caitlin Christensen, owner of Creative SEO Coach and your SEO Specialist for the 7-Day SEO Intensive.

If you are looking to improve your SEO on your Showit website, then you’re in the right place.

In this article, I’ll dive into all the details about the done-for-you SEO Service the 7-Day SEO Intensive service, answering all the questions you might have and showing you why this service could be the game-changer your business needs.

What Is The 7-Day SEO Intensive Service?

The 7-Day SEO Intensive is my most popular and most proudly offered service. It is a one-off SEO service made specifically for small businesses, designed to get your website in top shape without any ongoing monthly fees.

Here are some of the best parts of the service:

  • Custom SEO strategy: I’ll develop a personalized plan based on your business goals and industry.
  • Personalized coaching and support: You’ll receive one-on-one training to help you understand and continue optimizing your SEO efforts.
  • Fix your technical issues: A major problem I often find is serious technical issues that hurt your website’s potential. I’ll identify and resolve these issues.
  • On-page SEO: I’ll optimize your core webpages to improve your search engine rankings.
  • Homepage Design Optimization: This service goes beyond SEO. For some clients, I find there need to be significant improvements to the homepage to clearly explain what your business does.

Plus during the week, I work exclusively for you, focusing all my efforts on your website.

Semrush data indicating search volume has increased since having the 7-day SEO Intensive service

Why I Created the 7-day SEO Intensive Service

When creating Creative SEO Coach, one of my core principles was to build a service that I would want someone to offer me. This approach made it really easy and fast to build because having already created my 1st successful business (A Graphic Design business) I knew exactly what I would have wanted for myself back then.

The typical strategy for doing SEO involves similar tasks to those in the 7-Day SEO Intensive service but scattered over several months. You pay each month, and the agency does work on your website each month. However, because SEO already takes time to work, this approach only slows down your marketing improvements.

So why do agencies do it this way? Because they make a lot more money through ongoing fees. Good for them, but it’s just not how I wanted to do business.

So I workshopped the 7-Day SEO Intensive, tested it, and it’s been one of the best services that I have ever created.

When testing the service, I found that dedicating myself completely to one client at a time, instead of juggling multiple SEO clients simultaneously, is the best way to do business. It allows me to give my best effort and provide the focused attention that each client deserves. With the 7-Day SEO Intensive, I can pour all my expertise and energy into your project, ensuring the best possible results, and achieve them faster than traditional agencies because the work is accomplished so much quicker.

Who is the 7-Day SEO Intensive Best For?

The 7-Day SEO Intensive is ideal for several types of businesses:

Website of Simon Bills Photography featuring a bride and a groom

1. Established Businesses

The 7-Day SEO Intensive is perfect for businesses that have been around for a few years and want some professional SEO help. A common issue with websites that have been through multiple revisions is that they often pick up a lot of technical problems that need fixing.

I really like working with established websites as I can get results quite quickly because these sites often have a decent amount of backlinks and some website authority when they come to me. However, they typically need a lot of technical SEO and on-page SEO work, both of which are key components of the 7-Day SEO Intensive.

Email review from Simon saying thank you for the great results

Here’s an example:

Simon, Wedding Photographer: Simon’s website was a bit different from most clients. He had been a wedding photographer for quite a few years and had the same website for many of those years. He used to be on the first page of Google results when you would Google ‘Adelaide Wedding Photographer,’ but when he came to me, he was on the 7th page.

Semrush data showing Simon is in position 1 for keywords 'Wedding Photographer Adelaide'

Simon was a client who benefited a lot from the homepage optimization service offered in the 7-Day SEO Intensive. After fixing technical issues, optimizing his core pages, and creating a custom SEO strategy, Simon saw a significant boost in search engine rankings and client inquiries. Now, Simon is in the 1st position for that keyword, and given his wedding packages start at $3k, he has made his investment back over and over again.

Check out the full case study here.

Lora Ulrichs website featuring Lora and text

2. New Businesses

The 7-Day SEO Intensive is also a fantastic option for new businesses. Even though new websites might not have the same level of authority or backlinks as more established sites, starting with a solid SEO foundation for your business is a game changer for growing your business.

For new businesses, the key is setting up your website correctly from the beginning. This means creating the best structure for your website, optimizing your on-page content, and creating a strategy that will help you grow over time. While results might take a bit longer compared to established websites, investing in SEO early on ensures that you are setting your business up for future success.

One of the most significant benefits of the 7-Day SEO Intensive is the education you receive through one-on-one coaching. Understanding SEO can be complex, but with personalized coaching, you’ll gain a much better grasp of how it works and what you can do to keep improving your website’s performance. This knowledge is incredibly valuable and will help you to continue improving your SEO efforts long after the intensive service is over.

Google Business Profile preview from Lora Praising Caitlin from Creative SEO Coach.

Here’s an example:

Lora Ulrich, Menopause Health Coach: Lora was starting a new business and knew that getting her SEO right from the start was crucial. During the 7-Day SEO Intensive, we focused on ensuring her website was technically sound, optimizing her core pages, and developing a strategy tailored to her business goals.

Although Lora’s website is new in just 2 months after optimizing her website, she is now in the 16th position for her primary target keyword ‘menopause health coach,’ and I expect her to improve in the coming months.

Semrush data showing Lora SEO improvement.

Detailed Breakdown of the 7-Day SEO Intensive Service

What You Get for $2200

For $2200, you receive a comprehensive, hands-on SEO overhaul tailored specifically to your website. Here’s a detailed breakdown of what this fee covers:

  • Dedicated SEO Specialist: You get an SEO specialist working exclusively on your website for an entire week, ensuring focused and undivided attention.
  • 40+ Hours of Work: Your fee covers over 40 hours of dedicated SEO work. Given my hourly rate of $200, this would normally cost $8000, but you receive this intensive service for a fraction of the price.
  • Personalized Coaching: You receive two one-on-one coaching sessions to help you understand SEO basics, review the work completed, and guide you on maintaining your SEO efforts.
  • Custom Strategy: A personalized SEO strategy tailored to your business goals and industry to help you outrank your competitors.

Here’s everything that’s included in the 7-Day SEO Intensive service:

🧠 Start with Strategy

We kick off with thorough research and put together an SEO strategy tailored to your business. This plan outlines how to beat your competitors in the search results.

🔮 Keyword Research

We perform an in-depth analysis of your SEO competitors and conduct thorough keyword research. This culminates in a strategic keyword map for your main webpages, ensuring you outperform your rivals in search rankings.

⭐️ 2x One-on-One Coaching Sessions

  • First Session: We begin with a one-on-one call to teach you SEO basics, discuss your SEO strategy, and outline the work we’ll be completing on your website during the 7 business days.
  • Second Session: At the end of our session, we review the work completed throughout the week, provide guidance on maintaining your website’s optimization, and offer instructions on how to continue enhancing your website’s performance.

🏠 Home Page Optimization

Your homepage is the most important page on your website. We comb through it to ensure potential customers understand your business and optimize it to be easily found online.

🦋 On-page SEO Optimizations

Optimize 6x of your web pages so search engines can easily find your products and services.

🎨 Write SEO Titles and Meta Descriptions

We craft SEO-friendly titles and meta descriptions for 10 web pages, designed to catch the eye of search engines and potential visitors alike.

🚀 Blog Post Boost

We either write a new blog post or optimize an existing one, designed to draw more traffic to your site.

🔍 Tech Trouble Tracker

We unearth any hidden technical issues that could be dragging your SEO down and fix them.

🍲 Blog Content Ideas

Based on our keyword research, we provide a list of blog ideas to help you create content that drives traffic.

🖊 Schema Mark-Up

We implement schema markup, a lesser-known SEO secret weapon. By adding this structured data to your website, we give you a competitive edge.

⏱️ Website Speed Sprint

We optimize your website speed to ensure a smooth, swift experience for your visitors, which is also a ranking factor for search engines.

📝 DIY SEO Steps

We provide you with a step-by-step guide to maintaining your website’s SEO sparkle, empowering you to keep your site optimized.

🔗 Tag Your Content Correctly

We fine-tune and allocate text tags accurately across up to 6 web pages for SEO enhancement.

💻 Google Tag Manager

We install Google Tag Manager into your account, making it easy to add Facebook and TikTok pixels so you can run ads effectively.

🧪  Analytics Set Up

We’ll set up Google Analytics and Google Search Console, if needed and analyze if data is available.

🦸‍♀️ Post-Month Check-In

We will keep in contact after your service. After a few months, we check in to see how your optimization has been going and offer any advice to help boost your website further.

Creative SEO Coach's Blogging 101 booklet cover on an iPad

Additional Perks: Blogging 101 Course Included (Value $150)

As part of the 7-Day SEO Intensive, you’ll also receive access to my Blogging 101 course. This course is essential for anyone who blogs. Born from my work with 1:1 7-Day SEO Intensive clients, this course addresses common issues with blogging. Many clients spend time and effort on blogging, only to see their posts not ranking. Blogging isn’t as simple as writing and hitting publish – you need systems and techniques, all of which I cover in this course.

Can Anyone Book This Service?

I specialize exclusively in Showit websites. If you’re not using Showit but still need assistance, feel free to email me or book a free 20-minute strategy call. I’m happy to point you in the right direction and offer advice tailored to your platform.

How to Book the 7-Day SEO Intensive

Ready to transform your SEO? Here’s how to get started with the 7-Day SEO Intensive:

  1. Apply for the 7-Day Intensive Service: Click here to apply.
  2. Website Review: I will review your website to ensure it’s the right fit for the service.
  3. Approval and Onboarding: If approved, you’ll be onboarded and prepared for your 7-Day SEO Intensive.

Apply today and take the first step towards boosting your website’s SEO and achieving better online visibility.

Payment Options

We understand that investing in your website’s SEO can be a significant financial commitment, so we offer flexible payment options to make it easier for you.

  • Payment Plan: You can opt for a payment plan to spread the cost over time. This allows you to manage your budget more effectively while still benefiting from our comprehensive SEO service.
  • Full Payment Requirement: To ensure a smooth and efficient process, the full payment must be made before our start date. This ensures that we can dedicate our full attention and resources to optimizing your website without any interruptions.

By offering these flexible payment options, we aim to make the 7-Day SEO Intensive accessible and convenient for all our clients. If you have any questions about payment plans or need assistance with the process, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Blogging 101 COurse

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Author: Caitlin Christensen

Caitlin Christensen is an expert in digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). Owner of Creative SEO Coach. She specializes in optimizing websites built on popular web building platforms Showit and WordPress. With over 8 years of experience in the industry, Caitlin has helped countless small businesses and organizations improve their organic visibility on search engines.